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Common Mistakes When Publishing Copy

Great copy has the potential to evoke emotions, engage audiences, and move them to take action. However, crafting effective copy is no easy feat. It requires a strong combination of strategy, creativity, and full understanding of the target audience. Whether you’re creating engaging social media posts, website content that “wow’s”, or advertising campaigns, the positioning of messaging can make or break its effectiveness.

There is a psychology to how to successfully communicate a brand’s purpose within marketing. We’re humans after all. We connect through stories, emotion. A beginning, middle, and end. What is the audience’s conflict, how can the company help, and why is the brand trustworthy? It’s important to know what’s appropriate and what works for the target audience to establish trust and long-lasting engagement.

Good copy for marketing  isn’t a journal entry but a piece of work to inform, persuade, and educate an audience. Proper message positioning and interpretation are key when it comes to building a brand and a business that is sustainable. Truly and authentically connecting with your audience requires confidence and clarity so they know what the heck you’re selling. 

Oftentimes, when you plan and launch that big campaign, there are a number of things that factor into the probability of success. One is messaging and how it’s executed. This can cause a campaign to sink or swim (we want you to swim!).

Simply put, the copy may be broken and the early indications are evident in promo content and in landing page, sales pages, and emails. It’s essential to track engagement and adjust accordingly along the way. You and your team may even think that the product or service needs to be altered because it didn’t sell or perform well. In fact, the offer may be perfect! Again, positioning and execution are key. 

Keep it simple. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to good content and copy. When a business has a solid brand and clear offers, the content options are endless. Running out of content is a myth! Assess what you have, identify the gaps (we have a service for that), and make the necessary changes for improvement. 

It is also important to note, longer copy does not equate to better copy. Shorter copy must also have all necessary components to produce an action. There is a skill in understanding human psychology and what triggers a person to browse long-form posts and sales pages. Most often, clear and concise takes the win.

Key takeaways

Proper messaging gives the audience the power of decision.

There is an art to incorporating FOMO into messaging without bullying someone into a sale. No one should buy scared. The approach should always be collaborative. Proper messaging should give the notion of “We’ve sent you the invitation to work with us (via sales page, sales email, whatever). If YOU decide to work with us, here’s what we’ll accomplish together”. Empower the excitement to work with you.

Provide ease: audience is informed of the offer, who the offer is intended for, and the cost and process to get started. 

The market messaging’s purpose is to inform of a solution so the target audience can decide to collaborate with your company. Allow your customer/client to be the hero of their own success story. Allow them the opportunity to utilize your expertise and tools. Naturally, they will see and share the benefits of what they were able to accomplish by partnering with you. Tweaking copy can drive major positive changes for any marketing campaign.

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